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Today i’m here to teach you how you can submit or sell your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, Simfy, Deezer, Rhapsody, X-Box Live, MixRadio, MUVE Music and others and a wide network of popular music stores and keep your

  • 100% sales revenue & copyrights

  • Collect your worldwide songwriting royalties

we all know that is not an easy job to submit song to iTunes stores and others, but today i’m here to make it very easy for you who is read this.

If you have a song or an album you want to sell it online and make money then this is your opportunity,

Follow this steps:

1. visit tunecore click sign up

2. select what you want to sell,


  • Album Distribution

  • Single Distribution

  • Ringtone Distribution



  • Collect all your songwriting royalties

  • Collect Your YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

  • TuneCore Social

  • Promaster Instant Mastering

  • TuneCore Fan Reviews

  • Radio Airplay

  • Professional Mastering

  • CD Manufacturing

  • Qrates

  • Bandzoogle

please note that all the above categories has it own price and you must make your payment via credit card like master card, visa card or with paypal account before your request will be process.

3. fill the forum by entering:

Song Title:______________________________

Main Artist:_____________________________

Featured Artist:_________________________

Single Language:_______________________

Primary Genre:__________________________

Secondary Genre:_______________________

Digital Sales Start Date:_________________

always Set your release date 3-4 weeks in advance to take advantage of iTunes pre-order.

Previously released? YES or NO?

Label Name:___________________________

UPC/EAN Code:__________________ leave this blank empty if you don’t have UPC/EAN tunecore will provide that for you.

ISRC (Optional):_________________ leave this blank empty also if you don’t have ISRC tunecore will provide that for you

Recording Location:____________

………after filling the forum click “CREATE MY SINGLE”…………

It will redirect you to where you will add your artwork, song, select stores and add payment.


This are the artwork (Requirements Checklist)

  • JPG, PNG or GIF image file.

    File must be in RGB mode, even if your image is black and white.

  • At least 1600 x 1600 pixels in size but iTunes recommend file to be 3000 x 3000 pixels.

  • A perfect square

  • No blurriness, pixelation, and no white space.

  • Title and artist must match the release exactly.

    Any artist you feature on the song must be put on the artwork and be credited in the release information.

  • No extra information or labels.

    No social media links, no contact information, no store names no logo, no pricing information, no release dates, etc.

Note that if your art cover does not meet all the above requirements that your release will not go live in stores but if it does click



Now choose where and where you want your song to deliver to

  1. Countries & Regions

  • Can this release be sold worldwide? YES or NO?

  • Future Digital Stores

  • Current Digital Stores

  • Deliver to all current digital stores: if you mark this option that means your song will go to all stores.

Now here are the all stores:

1. iTunes
+Apple Music
-You must distribute to iTunes in order to send your music to Apple Music,
2. YouTube Music
3. Spotify
4. Amazon Music
5. Google Play
6. Pandora
7. Deezer
8. iHeartRadio
-You must distribute to both Napster and iHeartRadio to be on iHeartRadio All Access.
9. Napster
-You must distribute to both Napster and iHeartRadio to be on iHeartRadio All Access.
10. MediaNet
11. TouchTunes
12. VerveLife
13. Tidal
14. Gracenote
15. Shazam
16. 7Digital
17. Juke
18. Slacker
19. KKBox
20. Akazoo
21. Anghami
22. Spinlet
23. Neurotic Media
24. Yandex
25. Target Music
26. ClaroMusica
27. Zvooq
28. Saavn
29. 8tracks
30. Q.Sic
31. Kuack
32. Boomplay Music
33. SimfyAfrica

  • Physical Distribution Stores

34. Amazon On Demand
-CD of your release is manufactured using your uploaded music files whenever an Amazon customer buy it.

You do not need to provide your own CD.

  • Future Digital Stores

35. Store Automator
-Check this option to automatically send this release to all new stores we add in the future.

……..Now the most difficult thing to do is to covert your song to iTunes acceptable format……….

Before you start uploading, make sure that your file is on 16 bit (sample size) 44.1 kHz (sample rate), 1411 kbps (bit rate) stereo wav file.


How will you do that because even music producer cannot convert song to this size?


How to convert your song to the requirement size and you need to get iTunes application on your computer.

1. Open the iTunes application

2. Search for your song(s) in your iTunes Music Library and highlight it

3. Go to Preferences (On s Mac, dis will find under the iTunes drop down menu.
On a window , dis find under the Edit drop down menu.

4. make sure you are on the General tab.
Go down to where it says Import Settings, click Advanced and then click on Import

5. Change the Import Using to WAV Encoder.
Then click to change Setting to Custom and a new window will open.

6. In that Custom window, change the Sample Rate to 44.1 kHz & Sample Size to
16 bit.
Make sure Channels say Stereo and Stereo Mode say Normal .
click OK until you are back to your iTunes library.

7. With your song title still highlighted right click and select Create WAV version.
Your song will immediately begin converting.
If you have a newer version of iTunes you may need to go to File and click on
Convert to Create WAV Version

8. Once the song has finished converting, you will see that the highlighted song is
the old version.
so i recommend you drag the newly converted file your desktop directly from the
iTunes library so you will be able to find it.

now You can go back to tunecore and upload your new audio file.

+ LAST option: select your payment method and fill your details correctly and submit it, that is all.

Now you need to wait 2-4 weeks for your song to Distributed to all stores, just keep an eyes on google by searching your artist name you use and your song title because sometimes the only place you can locate some of your links is google while some will be listed on tunecore.


If you need someone to sell your song online in case you can’t do it yourself. contact us at +2347067375485 i will do it for you with affordable price.


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