Tutorial – Best way how to Apply AutoTune inside Vocals || How to find Auto Tune key in Cubase || 2021

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First of all, listen to the vocals without AutoTune very well so that you will know the different when you apply Auto-Tune on them.

Now let get the work started

1. Click on the ‘Audio’ you want to apply Auto-tune

2. Go to ‘Audio’ – ‘Plug-ins’ then click ‘Autotune’

3. Before you do any settings here click ‘Preview’

4. Select keys and listen to them one by one then the perfect key shall give you a perfect sound

5. After you find the perfect ‘key’ then tune ‘retune speed’

to any amount you want, you can leave other settings as they are except you know what you are doing.

6. Click ‘Process’ to apply it on the audio

7. The Autotune will be applied in this selected audio only and if the Autotune is not enough the way you want you can still apply it again but make sure it on the same key.

After you applied Autotune on the vocal listen to it molody sound.

7. Apply the same key to other voices but if you applied to anyone and it doesn’t sound good, then change key for only that vocal that is sounding off to another key using the same process.

Applying Autotune on your vocals this way will make the Autotune sound enough on the vocals and you can apply it as many times as you want.

Have it in mind that you won’t be able to remove or modify the Autotune from the vocals again if you apply ‘Bounce selection’ on them after you apply ‘Autotune’ like this.


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