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Top 10 Most Expensive Phone In The World 2018

(1) Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

In the list of 5 top the most expensive phone in the world 2018,
Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB is number one world most
expensive cost about $8 million USD which it was designed
by Stuart Hughes.

In Nigeria currency it cost =N=2,880,000,000 Billion


(2) Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G is the second most expensive phone in world, which it come alone with screen trimmed with fifty three 1 carat diamonds and the casing of this mobile phone is made up of 271 grams of solid 22k gold and the home button of this mobile is made of single rare 7.1 carat diamond
cost only $ 3,200,000.
Three million two hundred thousand US dollars only,
please who truly love his girl friend?

In Nigeria currency it cost =N=1,152,000,000 Billion


(3) iPhone 3G King’s Button

The third most expensive mobile phone in the world is “iPhone 3G King’s Button” designed by Austria Peter Aloisson.
made of Diamond and the Smartphone is available just $2.4 million.
Two point four million US dollar.

In Nigeria currency it cost =N=864,000,000 million

(4) GoldVish Le Million

GoldVish Le Million is the fourth world most expensive mobile phone which was designed by Emmanuel Gueit who is known as famous designer of watches and jewelers.

Please stay on the line i’m trying to remember back it million dollars price……


(5) Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Last on the list is “Diamond Crypto Smartphone”

for only $1.3 million.

One point three million US dollars.

In Nigeria currency it cost =N=468,000,000 million.



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