MUSIC – BLOOD MONEY by ANGEL C x KING CHRIS x INNO CHRIS (lyrics & instrumental)

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REAL MONEY ENTERTAINMENT present to you this song title “BLOxD MONEY featuring ANGEL C (a.k.a) REAL MONEY x KING CHRIS (a.k.a) IGBO BOY x INNO CHRIS.

“BLxOD MONEY” viral video was shot last year 2018 and the video is going be out  on 23/02/2019.

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Bio: King Chris is an igbo rapper who is doing well as an upcoming artist with dope songs like:- “makachuku” and many more.

Inno Chris is a singer and song writer with a lot of dope songs to release.

ANGEL C aka REAL MONEY is music producer and artist who is about to drop a brand new song title “Give me lighter”



(Verse one)

Bad man everyday  me dey hustle

me wanna control money like illum_nati

money on my mind like me send nobody

me send nobody even though na my King’s son

bad men know me as a bad man

me really wanna make money even though na “BLO_D MONEY”

REAL MONEY “BLO_D MONEY” all na money

me really wanna make money even though na “BLO_D MONEY”



This life is all about money o

Me wanna make plenty money

Me wanna live a good life yeyeye

“BLO_D MONEY” REAL MONEY omo na money

This life is all about plenty money iyeye

This life is all about money iyeiyeyeye

REAL MONEY “BL_OD MONEY” all na money.

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( verse two) by king Chris

nwanne gee nti, eziokwu ka m na- m ekwu. ( my brother listen, na truth i day talk)
etu obula the money si bia, me i no care. (any how the money comes, me i no care)
agbago m mbo na uwa kam wee nwete my gain. (i have hustle in this life to get my gain)
ewepu chukwu now them for don over throne me ( if not for GOD them for done over throne me)
munwa achoghizi onye obula ka o nodu na my lane ( I dont need any body to be in thesame lane wuth me
nwanne biko chere kam nye gi my own ( guy wait let me give u my own)
asa biko chere m gwa gi my own. (fine girl please wait let me tell you my own)
okwa i ma n o ego ka onye obula na achozi na uwa.(you know its money every body is searching for in this life)
oburu na igighi ego this guys ga etinye gi na gotta. ha gburukwa gi isi gi tinyekwa n gotta ( if you dont have money, this guys will put you inside gotta. they will aslo cut your head put you inside gotta)
oya chere meein (oya wait meein)
o KING CHRIS na- ekwu meein. (its KING CHRIS talking meein).


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