1. Visit www.RMad.com.ng

2. Click “Post an Ad”

3. Login if you av account on the site but if you av account then click “Sign up”

4. After completing your “sign up” continue posting your Adverts by following below guides.

5. Write your Ad “Title”

6. Select “Category”

7. Select “Price Type”

8. Put your product or services “Price”

9. “Select Currency”

10. “Click the box below to ad photos”

11. Write your “Ad Description”

12. Write your Ad “Tags”

13. Select your “Type of Ad”

14. Select your Ad “Item Condition”

15. Your contact “Your Name”

16. Your “Mobile Number”

17. Your “country”

18. Your “State”

19. Your “Addresse”

20. Click “Submit”

And your ad will go live in few minutes…

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