How to get your own free domain name and unlimited hosting plan (top 8 sites)

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How to create free unlimited hosting plan without spending any money

Hello friends, today i’m going to give you the names of top websites which will allow you to create you own domain names and also offers you free unlimited hosting plan without spending any money.

If you have been searching online looking for how to public your business to the world as a beginner who is trying to come up, then this post is for you.

As we all know that having a website is another way of publicizing our business to different part of the world like:-

America (USA) London (UK) China Japan South Africa Nigeria Togo India Ghana And other part of the world.

…This really help us grow our businesses fast and bigger in no time,

So it really a good idle having a website or blog for our biz to expand. Before you get it started note that if you are opening free account, their name shall be added to your name, example:-

My company name is Real money entertainment While theirs is blogspot. The site was created with blogger a.k.a blogspot.

That is it.

free unlimited hosting plan without spending any money

The very good news about blogger & 000webhosting is that, They allow you to design your web as you want by uploading any theme of your choice depending on which builder you want use. Blogger template must be HTML While 000webhost allow even wordpress builder and others.

Now here are the domain companies which offers 100% free domain names and unlimited hosting plans.


That is all,

but if there is any other one you know itz free and good then you can drop it at the comment box below.

Now let go on a professional way.

As a professional you need a domain name of your company without any other name been added to your name,

Simple as


Choose a domain name with

Before you sign up your domain name with any company find out if they have sell support chat,

if they only base on phone call alone believe me such company will never satisfy your need because you will be finding hard to communicate with them

For example

if you don’t understand something on your account, and if they have online chatting assistant Then you can chat them and they help you fix whatever issue you have or they send you some tutorial how you can fix the error by yourself,

                            thatz cool.

But if they only base on phone calls alone, how are they going to assist you especially when you are calling them from outside country?

before you know your airtime will went off and even if you call them again, the call will go to another person, which means you have to start the discussion over again at the end of the time they may not offer you that assistant you need,

                  that is very bad.

I have been experiencing this kind of issue from different companies to the extend that i wanted to abandon my domain for them

before i came across hostinger that help me to get my domain back from such companies.

That is why i really love hosting my domain with hostinger.

Hostinger are there to assist you on any issue you have on your account and their price is very very affordable so i suggest you create your hosting account with hostinger.

To get your website hosting with hostinger click here and sign up and i will be grateful if you sign up through my invite here.

Click here.

free unlimited hosting plan without spending any money

Drop your feed at comment box below.

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