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Before you seek of recording company to get you signed,
there are somethings you first of all need to know about music industries and each
of the recording companies you are interested on.
We all know that is not an easy job for upcoming artist to get signed into record
label, but at this points, this does not means that record label does not sign
upcoming artists nowaday.

Most musicians never get a recording deal because they don’t think at all about
what recording companies want from artists.

When you are going to submit your music to record label for recording deal this
are the things you need to find out.

(A). Find out what kind of artists or songs that recording company is interested on,
(B) don’t spend your times by taking your Gospel songs to record label that base
on R’n’B artists or songs.
(C) don’t spend your times by taking your blues songs to record label that base on
rap songs or rappers
(D) don’t spend your times by taking your pop songs to record label that base on
Gospel songs or Gospel artists.
(E) You must know how to acquire the things recording companies is looking for
and give them what they want,
This will makes you difference from upcoming artists and if you don’t care about
what street and recording companies want from artists before you start seeking
for recording deal, at the end of time you may end up trying and failed or you may
even give up on your music Dream.

Note in mind that record label doesn’t sign any artist because they want to help
him or her,
they signed artists because they want to make money from them and if your style
of music is a style that will not profit recording companies, they won’t invests their
money on you because a recording company is not a venture capitalist who
provides funds to startup businesses.
When An investor invests money into a business is beause he or she believe that
the business has the potential to become profitable and pay back the investment
with interest.

(A) Find out what kind of songs is moving music industries forward.
(B) Find out what kind of songs your country people love.
(C) Make sure you come out with your own different style.
(D) don’t copy popular artist style because people on the street doesn’t need
another 2face idibia, another D’Banj, another Olamide, another Rudeboy, another
Mr. P, another 50 cent, another 2pac and so all.

All the above names artists i just maintions to you, they all came out with their own
styles, that is why you and me know them and love their kind of songs and that is
the main reason why they got fame and popular, so you really need to by yourself
to get recording deal.

I will write about how to submit your music to record label so make sure you keep
visiting this site and Please don’t forget to share this post.

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