How To Embed Audiomack Song |Music | Google Adsense or Any HTML Code In WordPress Website | Tutorial

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How To Embed Audiomack Song | Music | Google Adsense or Any HTML Code in WordPress Website | Tutorial video by RMtv

1. Login to your WP-ADMIN

2. Go to ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Add new’

3. Search for ‘Insert HTML snippet’

4. ‘Install’ and ‘activate’ the plugin

5. Go to ‘XYZ HTML‘ and click ‘HTML Snipppets’

6. Click ‘Add New HTML Snippet’

7. Write ‘tracking Name’ (Mean) Title of what you want Embed [Symbols is not allow in title]

8. Go copy any HTML code you want to Embed and paste it at ‘HTML code’

9. Visit

10. Click on any song you want to embed

11. Click ‘More’ and click ’embed’

12. Copy the HTML code & back to your WP-ADMIN

13. Paste the HTML code here

14. Click ‘Create’

15. Copy the ‘Snippet short code’

16. Paste the ‘Snippet short code’ on your post

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