How to earn money from google adsense

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How to earn money from google adsense.

Do you have a blog or website and you are thinking of how to make money on your website or blog?

If your answer is “YES” then this post is for you.

Google adsense is number one best online advert company that paid any blogger or website owner who allow google (Adsense) to display their Advertisements on his/her website.

Google adsense pay the highest rate out of all Ads companies and that is why 99.9 percent of website you’ ll see today get google adsense except the site that has been banned from adsense.

Am writting this today because a lot of people has been asking me
“why some people spend money and create website and give users access to post and read anything free of charge on their site”

The true is that, they are making money from google Adsense, Affiliate, propeller, or others.

So if you have website or youtube and you want to apply Adsense then visit Adsense signup and submit your website.

Before you submit your website to google Adsense and get approval make sure your website is not under construction, no violence contents, no pornograhy contents and your site must full with texts and your website must be well package because Adsense members are going to pay your site visits and views every posts and pages on your site to know what your site is all about and to see if your site has met up with their policies.

Note that you won’t get approve if your site doesn’t look quality, if your site base on pictures and videos, violence, pornography.
Adsense policies

Even when your account get approval start displaying adsense,
The ads can get stop displaying anytime once you are unknown or know click on any ads showing on your site by google

Also note in mind that you only get your earning from google when your earning balance is up to $100.

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