How to change WhatsApp Phone Number || Change my WhatsApp phone number [Tutorial video] by RMtv

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Tutorial video How to change WhatsApp Phone Number || Change your WhatsApp phone number to any local or international/foreign number.


1. Open your WhatsApp

2. Click ‘Menu’

3. Click ‘Settings’

4. Click ‘Account’

5. Click ‘Change Number’

6. Click ‘Next’

7. Type your Country code

8. Type your Old Phone Number

9. Type any Country code you want here

10. Type your New Phone Number

11. Click ‘Next’

12. If you want to Notify your contacts about the change then Turn on ‘Notify contacts’ & click ‘Next’

13. On this options, decide who you want to ‘Notify about the changed & click ‘Done’

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