[Best Tutorial] How to Add business on Google Maps | Create Google my business Account | Address

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[Tutorial] HOW TO Add Business To Google Maps And Google My Business | Add Shop | Office | Home Address.

Link ‘How to verify Google my business” available at YouTube

1. Visit Business.Google.com

2. To engage with customers on Google for free Click ”Manage Now”

3. ”Sign in” with your Gmail account

4. To find and manage your business Click ‘Add your business to Google’

5. What ‘s the Name of your business?
Write your ‘Business Name’

6. Click ‘Next’

7. Search and choose category that fits your Business best
Select your ‘business category’

8. Click ‘Next’

9. Do you want to Add a location customers can visit, like store or office?
Choose YES or NO.

10. Click ‘Next’

11. What ‘s the Address?
Select your Country, Street Address, Local Gov Area, City, State, Postal code

12. Click ‘Next’

13. Do you also serve customers outside this location? Answer the Question with YES/NO & Click ‘next’

14. ‘Add the area you serve’ & click ‘NEXT’

15. ‘What contact details do you want to show to customers?’

16. If your business have a site, mark current website URL And write your website URL If not, mark other options

17. Click ‘Next’

18. ‘Stay in the know’ mark YES/NO

19. Click ‘Next’

20. ‘Finish and manage this listing’

21. Click ‘Finish’

Now your business is created on Google maps & Google my business

But in order to fully manage the business on Google You must ‘Verify’ the business so ‘choose the way to verify’ so ‘choose the way you’d like to receive the verification code

If Google send you the

‘Verification code’ by Postcard

it may takes up to 14 days or more

to reach your destination.

22. Click ‘Continue’

23. ‘Add custom service

24. Click ‘Next’

25. Add your business opening hours

26. Click ‘Next’

27. Leave ‘Add messaging” setting Activated If you want customers To be Able to send you messages

27. 27. Add your Business Description’

28. Click ‘Save’

29. ‘Add photos of your business’

30. Skip ‘Advertise easily in minutes’

31. Click ‘Continue’

32. Click ‘Get started’ on ‘Welcome to Google my business’

Your business is now ready on Google Maps but is still pending verification.
link ‘How to Verify Google my business’

33. Create posts

Your products will show up on Google Search and Maps once verification is completed.

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